We promote cruelty free choices

We believe in compassion, life & empowerment – all factors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy & cruelty free planet.

By providing information on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding & cruel sports we seek to enable cruelty free choices and wider awareness.

What we buy and the way we live has a direct impact on human & animal welfare.

With information and wide access to cruelty free products, we all have the ability to make informed choices; choices which will improve health, prevent cruelty and protect the environment.

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Viva!'s 20th Birthday Relay tomorrow. viva.org.uk/vivarun via @vivacampaigns Good luck!
RT @vivacampaigns: Please support badgers this #FF @SomersetATBC @somersetbadgerp @somersetbadgers @GlosABS TY Please RT
Autumn comes early. #sanctuary latest - eepurl.com/13TI1
A Special Visitor! - eepurl.com/13TI1
RT @BadgerVaccine: Legal challenge to badger cull fails m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-englan… #badger cull #tbfree
RT @pupaid: #ff EVERYONE contacting their MP to support ban of puppies & kittens in pet shops: pupaid.org #wheresmum http://t.c…
Find your MP here parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-… … and ask them to attend @pupaid debate on 4th Sept #wheresmum
Help save 188,000 chickens from a proposed intensive factory farm in Worcestershire: petauk.org/bockleton
Well done to @marksandspencer for deciding not to sell red grouse in their stores this year. Let's keep it that way.:)
RT @AnimalLawUK: Puppy Farming debate in Commons confirmed to take place 4th September 2014! Ask your MP to attend: pupaid.org
RT @rickygervais: Let's ban selling pups in pet shops. Ask ur MP to attend Commons debate on 4th Sept: pupaid.org @pupaid http:…
A Special Visitor - eepurl.com/Z6sp1
RT @veganrecipehour: It's Thursday! It's #veganrecipehour tonight! 8-9pm BST it's an #Indianfood theme this time. Share your recipes & disc…
@guardian @MoveTheWorldUK Great investigation. Appalling conditions. We need more compassion in food production. Even better go #vegan.
Lack of compassion in food production. Campylobacter horror in chicken processing. Go #vegan gu.com/p/4v6ev/tw
@GlosABS Fantastic news. If only this would mean the badgers were a little safer.
RT @GlosABS: Good News for Environment Secretary as bTB at Lowest Rate for 11 Years Rates of bovine TB (bTB) in cattle have... http://t.co…
Look who came to visit us at our #sanctuary! Thanks for coming and meeting all our animals Juliet. @vivacampaigns pic.twitter.com/iKTlsK2CEe
RT @savethearctic: After almost 3M views our #BlockShell video was banned! WATCH: vimeo.com/100195272 ACT: grnpc.org/Ig06n http:/…
@Greenpeace @LEGO_Group Awesome video. Lego stop advertising to our children esp a company like Shell love an unhappy mum of 2 boys
@TeenVGN @VegfestUK Ooh we want to know what it is now! ;)
RT @PETAUK: GOOD NEWS: India bans the sale of #foiegras! petauk.org/b246 RT if you want it banned EVERYWHERE! http://t.co/eJgM6Vz2…
RT @Independent: Axelle Despiegelaere loses L'Oreal support after hunting trip photographs ind.pn/TWLt93 pic.twitter.com/ITtFZoGi7h
Act today to prevent #YorkshireBeagles being born to die for experiments. Add your name to the petition. thndr.it/1mUedLb
RT @AnimalAid: Pamplona Running of the Bulls festival is cruel & barbaric. #AskSTA @STATravel_UK to stop promoting >> http://t.co/4j9QpeGG…
News, campaigns and surprises! - eepurl.com/XUfhP
RT @marcthevet: Thanks for watching @daily_politics now contact your MP, follow @pupaid & let's end puppy farming! #wheresmum #bbcdp http:/…
@WeAreVeganuary Exciting! Just contacted you. :) #vegan #crueltyfree
Bigger space for our patient who is on the mend #sanctuary #animals #funinthesun ! pic.twitter.com/wP0ao6tqjb
@gintonics2 Thanks for sharing! :)
Very pleased with my @SoapnutShells washing liquid I finally made after Vegfest. #crueltyfree cleaning :)
RT @deanhealthcare: check out our Operations Director looking pretty in pink, stealing the show at Veg Fest! @DeanFarmTrust http://t.co/dGr…
Come and meet us! - eepurl.com/T3MoP
Whatever their reasons, it's good to see some politicians realising the badger cull should not continue. po.st/FToCNE via @po_st
@gintonics2 Super to meet you too! We'll work hard right away to be able to let people in to see our gorgeous animals at the #sanctuary!:)
RT @VegfestUK: 5 all day bars serving cocktails, vodka, Pimms, lager, beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks at VegfestUK Bristol... http://…
Clive's plaster is off, leg healed - hooray! All shocked on vet's thorough check to discover that Clive is not a boy! pic.twitter.com/Hn4T72iANb
Happy 1st birthday Sammy! He's decided to come in for a lie down: all too exciting! pic.twitter.com/Mc4DsMkvic
@veganrecipehour #veganrecipehour Been making rhubarb cordial. Simmer rhubarb and little sugar, strain. Serve with fizzy water. :)
@TeenVGN Will you be bringing them along to #vegfest?
Halal meat in the spotlight but how much do people really know about how animals live and die to produce meat?tinyurl.com/m5drufz
Catch our latest news: Come and meet us! - eepurl.com/S9MET
RT @AnimalAid: “What do the Tories do if they don’t like the independent scientific advice they get? [They] stop asking" #badgercull http:/…
Bristol and beyond! Get your latest news here - eepurl.com/S9MET
@deanhealthcare Lots of lovely food to try, cookery demos and charities like us Can't wait! :) Hoping to see lots of people.
Great news #rescued ponies' blood test clear. We can begin to build them up and give them a happy home #sanctuary pic.twitter.com/ZNpQgciLlu
@northerngrin Thank you and welcome aboard! :)
@vivacampaigns Thanks for the mention!
RT @OneGreenPlanet: Our #Water is Going to a Plant We Don’t Eat to Support a Diet We Don’t Need! onegr.pl/1hwidQx @RAN http://t.co/9U…
@Green_Caroline @thebuav @DrHadwenTrust Great work. We do need further action on testing for household products particularly.
Our rescue ponies Rosie & Hebe got through a critical 48 hours. Hopefully they are on the road to recovery now :) pic.twitter.com/3bdwOGdBWZ
RT @adoreapandora: Thanks @methodtweet for not using guinea pigs as guinea pigs! ♥ #methodsoap #shopmindfully #crueltyfree http://t.co/IY3R…
@Glosvegangroup thanks for the mention! It was lovely to meet some other vegans. Fab lunch. See you Vegan Fair in Glos :)
@TVsSimonKing Gutted and devastated to see it continue here in Glos. Why ignore the report?
Our first rescues Exmoor Ponies. Rosie thin, starving, now safe with her companion Hebe. Both enjoying fresh water & regular food. Vet soon.
Shocking news of a local neglected, starving #horse who was going to be put down. We may be able to rescue her #sanctuary #homeforlife
RT @ChrisGPackham: Once again ignorance triumphs and intolerance reigns and wildlife suffers . . . pic.twitter.com/xMX0CVn60a
Instead of donating your hard-earned cash to CRUK why not #nomakeupselfie donate to @DrHadwenTrust ? No animals harmed.
@vivacampaigns @VegfestUK Looking fab. We'll be there too. Printing goodies to give away right now.
RT @KirstenHenry: If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian. - Paul McCartney
Another x-ray for Clive as break v bad. Tighter plaster to aid healing. Hopefully frolicking in the fields soon. pic.twitter.com/AdghsmTiHz
@ivey00880866 Thanks so much :)
@action_earth @hayleymurrell3 @esta_marie77 Thanks so much for signing our petition. :)
Disappointed @brendhotels are continuing to sell such cruel product. We asked nicely: foie gras is illegal to produce here, don't import it.
@4Carmilla @Nicksb36 @efc_pablo @Telegraph @thebuav Co-op own brand cruelty free to and good value
@veganbristol @BREW_bristol Great news and just in time for the weekend!
@meaglemp @HouseofCommons Thank you! Great to see people interested in evidence rather than culling.
@SadiqKhan @LeagueACS Great job and thank you!
RT @freebrocks: do we live in a democracy? will direct action have to enforce the wishes of the people? "STOP THE CULL" http://t.co/Eu4…
@SaveOurBadgers @Gordon_McGlone Great to see our views represented. :)
@BadgerVaccine Good to see somewhere in the UK leading the way for badgers.
RT @LeagueACS: MPs voted 219 to 1 today in support of motion against the #badgercull ow.ly/uyNZG
@veganrecipehour @VeganDisco @Glosvegangroup Wow, this looks amazing. Never heard of spores either. Need more recipe pls!
Disgusted by jockey Ruby Walsh's comments on death of horse at Cheltenham Festival. Horses shouldn't be viewed as replaceable. Heartless.
@TVsSimonKing Great to see a good news badges story :)
@thebuav @CrueltyFreeIntl Shout it loud! There's no places for cruelty in beauty.
RT @thebuav: Over the next 24 hours @CrueltyFreeIntl is going to #TellTheWorld it's time to ban cruel cosmetics forever! http://t.co/DC3N0u…
@TeenVGN Thank you <3 We're thrilled to be working with you!
Poorly sheep Clive has been moved to a specially converted sickbay at the sanctuary so he can be back with his pals:) pic.twitter.com/s9msnTQUZn
@TeenVGN Delicious vege chilli, salsa and guacomole - extra jalapeno. A classic.
Poor Clive the sheep. After attempting a dangerous tree climb he has a badly broken leg. Feeling sorry for himself :( pic.twitter.com/1fwQbZMe9J
@TeenVGN It's marketing@deanfarmtrust.org.uk :)
@FarmSanctuary Definitely not. When will people care more?
New campaign: #horseracing Do you know the real cost of a bet. tinyurl.com/q5usuab
@TeenVGN That would be great. I can run it past the boss!
@TeenVGN What about sponsors who are animal charities? We're feeling tempted. :)
Supporting @vivacampaigns urging govt to ban importation of foie gras into UK. If it's too cruel to make here, it's too cruel to buy here.
RT @ExpressNathan: Absolutely disgusting animal abuse seemingly endorsed by Ministry of Defence @DefenceHQ express.co.uk/news/uk/460399…
Join our new campaign: #horseracing the real cost of a bet. deanfarmtrust.org.uk/get-involved/o…
Stop the killing of thousands of stray dogs and cats in #Sochi! Sign here bit.ly/1bkddqO via @Care2 #Olympics
RT @rickygervais: Very disappointed in Copenhagen zoo. Destroying a beautiful healthy animal because it was surplus to your needs just isn'…
#NekNomination stupidity has claimed the lives of people and now animals. Don't promote it! deanfarmtrust.org.uk/news/article/c…
Do the decent thing @Air France Extreme marathon runner hit by bill for rearranged flights dailym.ai/1b403kO
Where did January go? Here's what we did in our newsletter. January at Dean Farm Trust - eepurl.com/NbayX
Protect Forest of Dean District Council's badgers with badger vaccination projects in the area. ipt.io/pbep via @ipetitions
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