We promote cruelty free choices

We believe in compassion, life & empowerment – all factors that contribute to a sustainable, healthy & cruelty free planet.

By providing information on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding & cruel sports we seek to enable cruelty free choices and wider awareness.

What we buy and the way we live has a direct impact on human & animal welfare.

With information and wide access to cruelty free products, we all have the ability to make informed choices; choices which will improve health, prevent cruelty and protect the environment

The latest from Dean Farm Trust

Vets, Vets, Vets!

We’ve seen plenty of the vets recently as our residents have had a number of ailments which needed their  support.

Percy and the boys

This year, our sheep have been subject to […]

Our Tractor Appeal

Last month, we launched our first big appeal for funds. Our goal is to get a tractor for this autumn. Can you help us?

Our sanctuary is in real need of […]