A Visit From The Organizers Of Cheltenham Vegan Fair

A Visit From The Organizers Of Cheltenham Vegan Fair

A little while ago we were contacted by the organizers of Cheltenham Vegan Fair, Charlie and Hannah. Two very dedicated animal welfare enthusiasts who have very generously offered to support Dean Farm Trust by donating all of the profits from their event to support our animals. We can’t thank them enough and we are extremely excited for the fair which will be held on the 28th August 2017 at Cheltenham Town Hall.

And if this wasn’t enough Charlie, Hannah and their talented friend Ellie payed us a visit last week to shoot some footage of the animals and interviewed our Founder and Director Mary in the hope to raise more awareness for miss treated, neglected and unwanted farm animals.

The video is a beautiful depiction of what life should be like for farm animals but instead we rear them in inhumane conditions and see them purely as a product for us to consume. These animals feel pain, they suffer and they show affection. We wouldn’t dream of treating our pet dog this way so why are farm animals any different?

Many of us have been brought up consuming meat, not only on occasions but often with every meal. It is estimated that the meat eaten by just one person in their lifetime equates to 8,000 animals. If you would like to know more about consuming less meat and living a more sustainable and healthy future then please do visit Cheltenham Vegan Fair. Gain information from other like minded people, try some delicious new food and find a whole range of cruelty free products for sale. Not only will it be a fun day for all, you will also be contributing to a great cause and helping us raise crucial funds for our sanctuary!

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