April 2015

April 2015

Spring is in the Air!

We would like to give a very warm welcome to the new addition to our team: Alice recently joined us as a groom.She is settling in well and has already won over the residents, even the naughty ones!

New Arrivals

This week we had four new arrivals at the sanctuary – one miniature Shetland and three donkeys. They have come from another charity that had, thankfully, given them a home, otherwise they would not be with us today.We are delighted to welcome them all to their new home.

The donkeys are called Taco, Burrito and Archie. Their backgrounds were far from happy. Burrito was on the brink of death through neglect before Many Tears Animal Rescue saved him.

The miniature Shetland that came with the donkeys is Thomas, Sammy’s brother.  They were reunited this week; the last time they saw each other was at the horse sales nearly a year and a half  ago when they were just 5 months old. See Sammy’s story.

Glorious Mud!

With the recent warm weather, the other morning we found Tall Paul and Mini Mac’s water bucket tipped over and TP rolling in the mud. We quickly realised he wanted to make a wallow, so for the last few days we have been filling up this muddy bath for them both to wallow in…. They love it!

It is such a joy to see them doing what they do naturally; they are so lucky. Every animal should have the freedom to live its life outside, but the truth is 95% of all pigs reared in the UK are confined to windowless sheds with no daylight, bedding or stimulation. It must be a living nightmare for them.


There was lots of work this month in preparation for the summer. There were chainsaws on the go and lots of muscle needed to coppice and prepare the land for our new arrivals and a move around. Tall Paul and Mini Mac will soon be moving into an old orchard for the summer. This will give them plenty of shade and a new area to have a good root around in – not to mention free falling apple, pears and hazelnuts later in the year.