August at the Sanctuary

August at the Sanctuary

Some Sad News

Wile E was put to sleep last week sadly. She had been weak and unwell for a while and was on high protein and calcium diet to help boost her system and help her feathers grow.

Unfortunately she went down hill last Friday and had to be put to sleep.

Her life outside the battery cage at our sanctuary has been a short one of only 3 months, but in that time she at least experienced freedom she never previously had. She enjoyed dust baths, running around the field, drinking cool water, pecking for worms and nesting on her eggs in a bed of straw. We will all miss her character and spirit.

Betty update

Betty is settling into life at the sanctuary. Her housemates have welcomed her and Pippin is especially fond of her, making sure she is safe and on many occasion they share the same basket. Betty’s mastitis has cleared up; she has had her first bath; her ears cleaned and vaccinations are completed.

She acts like a puppy, watching everything taking it all in. Best of all she loves going in the car looking out the window. This is a different life to the one she came from: at the puppy farm her eight years of life were spent in a cage.

For regular updates check out her blog and Facebook

Vets on call

We have had a busy month with the vets throughout August. Pudding has suffered with her sweet itch this year and so as a prevention she had received an anti-itching injection. Sweet itch can become very problematic and dangerous to horses and ponies if it is not managed correctly, the skin can be broken and become infected. Pudding is now itch free, and with the summer months behind us, her the sweet itch will soon be gone.

Rosie has now been on medication for three months and we are all keeping our fingers crossed when she finishes her steroids next week she will continue to sustain her health. Due to years of neglect her COPD is chronic and we can only treat her symptoms. Throughout the winter she will have her hay soaked and be closely monitored.

Top prize for Mini mac

Our groom recently took this picture of mini mac and entered it into a local competition under the farm animal category.

She won top prize but what was really interesting was the words the judge had written on the prize card………

August photo comments chimp

This demonstrates that people do see farm animals as individual species with personalities

Donkeys don’t do rain

Our three boys have suffered this month with some very wet weather. They are not native to this country and their coats are not waterproof which means they get cold if they get wet. Many days have been spent giving them a good rub down with straw, and on wet chilly nights they have been snuggled up indoors.(pics of donkeys x 2)

Swallow update

They are all flying and preparing for their journey to Africa. They are lovely yo watch swooping around the fields in and out of the buildings.It has been a delight to have them at the sanctuary and we hope to see them next year! Good luck