Badgers Shot and Left at Roadside

Badgers Shot and Left at Roadside

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Police in Dorset have begun an investigation following the discovery of badger who had been shot and left at the roadside to appear as if they were roadkill. They were alerted to the crime in West Dorset by a member of the public who clearly saw there were gun shot wounds.

“Shooting and killing badgers and interfering with badger setts is a criminal offence and we are investigating the circumstances of these animals being found there,”said Inspector Mike Darby, wildlife crime lead for Dorset Police.

Dr Simon Cripps, chief executive of Dorset Wildlife Trust, said: “It would be a great shame if people were starting to take the law into their own hands and would set a dangerous and potentially inflammatory precedent if this turned out to be the case.“The law is very clear that badgers are a protected species and we would expect the police to treat these incidents seriously.”

The RSPCA reminded the public that illegally shooting badgers, a protected species, is a crimnal offence which can carry a jail sentence.