Carried Away

Carried Away

As well as looking after our residents, there is a never ending stream of jobs that need doing at the sanctuary.

Due to the heavy rains over the last few months our little but very heavy foot bridge got washed away. Luckily, we were able to secure it to the brook wall until the water went down and it was safe to retrieve it.

Well that freezing Monday morning a couple of weeks ago was the time to tackle this job and try to get it out of the brook…

It was a very close call and we nearly lost it down stream!

It’s strange that its always Janette who seems to get her wellies full of water!

Well done to her and Dale for saving our little, but very heavy and very wet bridge!

It would have been nice for Clive and her boys to have pitched in and helped instead of just staring…

Jan web sheep

They were probably checking the bridge is okay so they can get back to the top field in the springtime!