Compassionate Easter

Compassionate Easter


Being compassionate doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a tasty treat or two (or three). It does mean carefully checking what’s in the things you eat and give as gifts. Don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you and found some of the best cruelty free Easter chocolate for you.

Children’s Choice

moo-free-bunnycomb-easter-egg Moo Free is available in many supermarkets now. It is a perfect choice for little ones and comes in different

moo-free-cheeky-orange-easter-eggflavours. Try bunnycomb, orange or original.




Grown Up’s Choice

While there’s nothing to stop you tucking in to the Easter eggs above, these ones are especially delicious and perfect for adults:

booja-booja-easter-eggBooja Booja has decadent Easter egg. It’s made from papier mache and beautifully decorate. Inside you’ll find 12 gorgeous champagne truffles.

For a more modest budget or appetite, they also have a small but equally beautiful papier mache egg with 3 booja-booja-almond-caramel-small-easter-eggalmond and sea salt flavour.  These are available in Holland and Barrett on the high street, Ocado or other online retailer


Montezuma’s have dark chocolate eggs and a cute set of dark chocolate bunnies too.montezuma-cheeky-bunnies You can buy direct from them online.

You can buy all of these and some other goodies too from Animal Aid’s online Easter shop.

What’s Cruel about Easter Eggs?

If you are wondering why the type of chocolate you eat makes a difference, it really comes down to milk. Lots of chocolate but particularly milk chocolate has dairy in it. These hard working cows are kept in a cycle of pregnancy and lactating (milk producing). This can put a huge physical strain on their bodies even in the best of conditions. Sadly many are part of factory farming which doesn’t put their welfare first but profit. Illness is common because of the physical toll on their bodies and after a few years they are killed, long before their natural lifespan but when they are no longer economically viable. Most male calves are taken away and killed with in a day of being born. All so humans can have cows’ milk to drink. There are alternatives. You don’t need to contribute towards this kind of existence for dairy cows.