Consumer Power

Consumer Power


In 2016 Dean Farm Trust is committed more than ever to promote compassionate living. By educating the consumer on the truth on how animals are used for entertainment, to wear, eat or experiment on we can make more informed choices, giving us the power to reduce this unnecessary animal suffering.


It is heartbreaking to see pictures and videos of what happens behind the scenes, hidden from the public eye in these industries. Dean Farm Trust believes if people saw the true reality of using animals this way they would choose a more compassionate lifestyle. No one wants animals to suffer, especially if it for such a small price to pay, such as a bacon roll, a trip to the zoo or a designer shoe.

If it is natural for us to follow a non compassionate lifestyle then surely we would readily watch videos and look at pictures of the suffering of animals in these industries and it wouldn’t bother us.

Many people adopt a compassionate lifestyle because they have educated themselves about the horrors that are attributed to factory farming and other industries where animals are exploited. At this point many people then choose not to want to contribute to this cruelty. This is usually before they have even looked at the devastating damage to the environment and loss of natural habitats caused by factory farming.

At Dean Farm Trust, our little sanctuary has given a home for life to animals that have been abused, unwanted, or were on their way to slaughter. They all have individual personalities and live their life freely.

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The thought of eating Tall Paul or Mini Mac in a roll, or beating the donkeys to work, or taking Clive and her boys to the slaughterhouse is unthinkable. After all, I wouldn’t kill or eat or cage any of my cats or dogs.

Billions of animals every minute, every hour, every day, every years and some

even for decades suffer needlessly just to satisfy what we want and not what we need.

An International charity sums it up:

Kill me or free me but please don’t cage and torture me.

Let me live my life how I should or not at all.

Every day we can make a difference with the choices we make, help spread the word and promote compassionate living more than ever in 2016