Early Success in a Bid to Stop Councils Licensing Puppy Farms

Early Success in a Bid to Stop Councils Licensing Puppy Farms

Chance Pixies Animal Welfare charity has had success in the first steps of its bid to stop a puppy farm in Lincolnshire being granted successive licences. At the start of September, it was agreed at a court hearing that licences granted to “Little Rascals” in January and June should be quashed. October 18th will see a decision as to whether or not a further license should be granted.

Dean Farm Trust agrees with Chance Pixies that, before granting a licence to a dog breeding establishment, the licensing authority should check whether it meets the basic requirements of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which was set up to protect all dogs in England and Wales.  North Kesteven District Council have granted successive dog breeding licences to “Little Rascals” in Lincolnshire, enabling them to keep 200 breeding bitches in unsuitable conditions.

The hope is that this case will set a precedent for other local authorities to follow, preventing dogs being kept in poor conditions.

For more information on puppy farms, see our factsheet.

The basic animal rights include:

  • The right to a suitable environment – for a pet dog this cannot be the barns or other outbuildings that are currently being used to house hundreds of dogs
  • The right to exhibit natural behaviour – the natural behaviour for a pet dog is to be a person’s companion and to be able to exercise and play
  • The right to be protected from pain, suffering and disease – these dogs are suffering because they are not in a suitable environment and are unable to exhibit natural behaviour and we also have concerns about hygiene and disease control.