February 2015

February 2015

I am glad February has been a quiet month at the Sanctuary as this winter weather has made the paddocks very muddy and slippery. Pudding and Sammy are racing around as if it is spring time  – mud and hooves flying everywhere. Not content with playing by themselves they have also been goading the elderly residents into playing, which Rosie and Sooty did not find amusing! It is lovely, though, to see Brambles have a playful run with the youngsters!

Tall Paul and Mini Mac are definitely growing, Paul is getting taller and Mac seems to be getting wider!
They have now given up grazing with the sheep and have found their true calling: they are spending their days (when not in bed) rooting up the ground and they love it.

February has given us some harsh winter weather, which means hungry mouths to feed. All our deliveries have been quality checked by the residents! Pudding kept a watchful eye on the hard feed making sure nothing was missed, whilst Hebe was, as always, testing the hay.
Our boys and Clive in the back paddock made sure their feed room was full.

A Tale for Mothers Day

March will soon be here and mother’s day too, when everyone says thank you to their mums and makes them feel extra special. Three of my rescue dogs are ex breeding bitches from puppy farms; they have spent their breeding life – 6 whole years – in a cage. They gave birth and when their babies were approximately 6 weeks old  they would have been taken from them. This was repeated for the rest of their lives at the farm.

Pippin now has a new life with her new family and although she won’t have any more puppies she desperately misses the ones she has lost. She has many toys; her special one is brown bear who no one else can touch and she sleeps with every night.

Although Pippin, like so many other thousands of dogs, had never had a life out of the cage she is now very happy, safe and loved in her home.

She give so much love to me and the rest of her family. She loves people despite the life she has had.  It is so nice to see her running when she out for walks with my other dogs in the woods, and she just loves water. Her best place for relaxation is on the sofa with her friends….. and of course bed time with Brown Bear.

Pippin will have a well-deserved and very special mother’s day from me and her family.

If you want to give a home for life to a dog, especially to one that has had such a lonely life and  been the subject to intensive breeding please contact  the wonderful charity Many Tears Animal Rescue who work across the UK rehoming ex breeding and unwanted dogs.
www.manytearsanimal rescue.org.uk