Freedom of Information for Animal Experiments

Freedom of Information for Animal Experiments

Director of Cruelty Free International, Nick Palmer, posted a well-argued blog on The Huffington Post, highlighting how the secrecy around animal experimentation is preventing informed debate.Nick Palmer highlights how animal experiments are except from Freedom of Information requests, so the public are unaware of what animal experimentation licenses permit; what experiments achieve; what animal suffering is involved; what happens when the terms of a license aren’t followed.

It is also shocking to hear that there are only 22 inspectors for over 4 ooo ooo experiments per year.

In discussions before the general election the government agreed with Cruelty Free International that the Freedom of Information rules should apply: full project licenses, minus commercial and personal information, should be published. The charity would also like to see the results of experiments published, so that their effectiveness can be discussed.

There is concern that the government may not action their promise and so there would continue to be a lack of transparency.

You can help:

If you believe this is an important issue, sign the Cruelty Free International’s petition calling for the Home Office to allow Freedom of Information requests for animal experimentation licenses.

See also Dr Hadwen Trust who fund cutting edge medical research without animal experimentation.

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