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The Dairy Industry

We see cows in the field and they might seem to have a pretty good life. Actually modern cows lives bear little resemblance to their wild relatives. Every part of a cow’s life is managed to get maximum milk yield usually at the expense of her health and welfare.

Did you know?

Not all free-range eggs are organic. To be sold as organic in the UK, eggs must come from a farm that has been approved by one of ten certification bodies.However, not all of these organisations have the same standards for what makes a farm organic.

Everything comes at a price…

Whether it is a holiday to a far away country, a first pony, a latte or bacon roll.

What are the consequences for choosing that product or service?

Many of the services we use or products we buy have a direct impact on animals: their health and welfare, their habitat, & their life span.

There are often hidden consequences;

  • We need to consider animal welfare for the entire lifetime.
  • Where does milk come from – what are the effects on dairy cattle.
  • Marine Parks with performing dolphins – what training methods may have been used to make them perform?

Dean Farm Trust works with other organisations to help raise awareness and present the facts – so that you can make informed decisions.

Get the facts – more information

For the facts on dairy farming please see:

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