Entertainment and sport

Entertainment and sport

Many species of animals are forced to perform unnatural behaviours for short term entertainment and profit.

This is frequently at the cost of the animals health, social welfare and physical needs.

Racing, marine parks and circuses are just a few examples of how animals are exploited in this industry to make money.

The conditions in which the animals are kept and methods of training are usually cruel, causing distress and fear.

Some of these animals are taken from their natural habitats others are bred in captivity often in cramped and unnatural surroundings – just so they can perform and make money for their owners.

How you may help

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals run a number of awareness campaigns and help others to speak out on cruel methods of production –http://www.peta.org.uk/

Download our factsheet on horse racing – the real cost of a bet

For more information about animals in entertainment and sport visit The World Animal Protection website.

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