Horse racing

Horse racing – the real cost of a bet

Horse racing may seem like a glamorous sport; what harm can there be in a harmless flutter?

The reality is that annually more than 400 horses are raced to death and the cruelty doesn’t stop there. Modern race horses are bred for speed; this is often at the expense of bone strength and good health. Of the 13,000 foals born into the industry annually, only half are deemed good enough to
race. Evidence indicates that many of the “failures” are shot at stables or killed for meat.

For those horses that do race the risk of serious injury is high. Based on Racehorse Death Watch statistics, Cheltenham Racecourse is the most dangerous in the whole country: Since 2007, 48 horses have died there.

What can I do?

Don’t bet on horse racing.

Don’t attend races.

This industry is financially driven and without profit, the cruelty will stop

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