Luxury foods, clothing and bedding

Luxury foods, clothing and products

Some companies & brands portray a sense of affluence & status around products involving animal cruelty.

These products in many cases have been produced by using extreme measures of cruelty, inflicting unnecessary pain, fear and suffering on animals.

When consumers are able to make an informed decision there are plenty of cruelty free alternatives.

You as the consumer make the choice and therefore can make the difference.

Some products that involve cruelty to animals include;

  • Duck and Eider Down – with live plucking
  • Foie Gras – force feeding in cages
  • Suede / Leather – young calves used
  • Fur & exotic meats – involves hunting and wild slaughter

How you may help

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals run a number of awareness campaigns and help others to speak out on cruel methods of production –

Download our factsheets:

The truth about down used for duvets, pillows and clothing.

Cosmetics and toiletries without the cruelty

Cruelty free cleaning

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