Duck, goose & eider down

Downright Cruelty

Down is not a by-product.

Birds are held down and plucked alive – often several times a year. Wounds are common and are sewn up without anaesthetic. All this suffering takes
place daily to make duvets, pillows and down jackets. It’s not necessary as there are alternatives and down should definitely not be seen as a luxury – it is cruelty.

What can I do?

Easy: don’t buy down products.

There are synthetic alternatives for bedding, micro-fibre and hollow-fibre will keep you warm and allow you to sleep easy knowing you have made a compassionate choice.

There are also many choices of synthetic ski-jackets and winter clothing from all high street and specialist outlets.

What else can I do?

Ask when you go on holiday what your bedding is made of. Many people just don’t know that these products are the result of cruelty and suffering. By spreading the facts, you can help other people make compassionate choices.

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