With successful campaigns against the fur trade in years gone by it is hard to believe there is once again an increase in the demand for fur. Worryingly, what some people assume is fake fur may not be. Wearing an animals dead skin seems unpleasant to most but do people actually realise the cruelty that goes into getting fur for the fashion industry?

China is the biggest exporter of fur and has no laws protecting the animals. Beautiful white arctic foxes and mink are kept in cages barely bigger than themselves. They are often skinned while they are still conscious; the pain and distress are unimaginable. Not only are foxes and minks used for fur. Globally humans kill 1 billion rabbits and 2 million cats and dogs each year. Most fur comes from animals kept in small cages who are unable to perform any of their natural behaviours – even something as simple as running.

Fur farming is banned in the UK although shockingly, this practice goes on close to home in Ireland. However, it is not illegal to import this cruel product and this industry is worth millions in the UK every year.

Suffering on this scale for something as ephemeral as fashion is cruel and uncivilised.

Please never wear fur. Challenge those who wear it and sell it to ensure they know the facts.

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