Getting Ready for Autumn

Getting Ready for Autumn

Betty Makes Herself at Home

Our adorable little Betty has settled in well and now has her place firmly established in family life. This started with her taking ownership of her chair which she loves.

I cant say she feels the same way about having her teeth brushed… Unfortunately many ex breeding dogs have had no dental care and a poor diet during their lives in the farm. Betty is no exception and had a number of extractions when she was rescued. It is really important to save what teeth she has and so regular brushing is essential.

More Baby Swallows!

I thought they would be on there way but no, not only are they still here both pairs decided to have some more babies.

If that wasn’t cutting it fine, one pair actually built another nest (probably due to their first babies wrecking the original nest as they grew to big for it and did not want to fly).

Let’s hope they will all be big enough and strong enough to make the journey.

Making Life Cosy

Martin and Marcus, with the help for Oliver have been back to repair some fencing and also build a field shelter in the back field.

It is essential in the winter months that all our rescued animals have a shelter from the wind and rain. No animal likes the cold and wet, least of all our sheep and the ponies.

Our fabulous fencers also knocked up a mobile hen run for our girls, this will keep them safe from predators whilst being out of the hen house – a big thank you to you both.

Caught on film!

Some recent videos so you can see our animals in action and get to know them even better.

Clive and her boys once again on the move. To ensure we do not over graze the paddocks it is essential to move the animals regularly. They do enjoy this, it gives them variety and stimulation. Not to mention they know they will be going to a paddock with more grass!

Kongs are not just for dogs! Our very clever Mini Mac and Tall Paul enjoying doggy toys filled with piggy treats!

Playtime – every morning between 6am and 7am we have play time!