Good News for Australian Greyhounds – What about horses?

Good News for Australian Greyhounds – What about horses?

An end to greyhound racing has been declared in the Australian state of New South Wales this week after “barbaric” practices came to light.

Mike Baird, the premier of New South Wales, declared that greyhound racing will end July 2017  following an investigation which found, among other things, the slaughter of 68 000 dogs deemed too slow or lacking competitive spirit and the use of live bait like rabbits and possum. He said that the report was “chilling, confronting – it’s horrific”.

“As a humane and responsible government, we are left with no acceptable course of action except to close this industry down,” he said.

Congratulations to New South Wales for leading the way. Only eight countries still allow commercial greyhound racing, including Britain and Ireland; it is most popular in the United States, but only five states still allow it. Surely we should follow Australia’s lead.

As delighted as we are for the greyhounds, it does beg the question, why not ban horse racing? There is a lot of cruelty and horses who don’t make the grade get slaughtered.

If you need to know more about horse racing you can download our factsheet on this with all the key information on this other cruel industry.