Great News for Pigs!

Great News for Pigs!

This week, Derbyshire County Council revealed that those behind the enormous proposed farm in Foston have withdrawn their application after a long battle. As one of those who opposed the far, we were emailed the good news by the planning department. It is a great victory for the 48 000 animals who would have died there each year and for the campaigners, led by Viva! who have worked tirelessly for the cause. At least we won’t be taking a further step towards the factory farming on the epic scale that is seen in the USA.

Although this is a great outcome, we should remember that most of the UK’s meat is already being “factory farmed”. Find out more and help others find out more. If people knew what went on, they would be less likely to eat meat. See our Factory Farming Campaign for more details.

Proof that once and for all the Foston mega farm is no longer be explored by Midland Pig Producers:


Dear Sir/Madam

Erection of a 2,500 breeding sow pig rearing unit with grain store, feed mill, feed hoppers, mess block, water treatment buildings together with storage buildings feeding an associated anaerobic digestion facility, service building, digestate and methane gas storage tanks supplying an electricity generation facility and incorporating a visitor centre, 4 agriculture workers dwellings with garaging, strategic landscaping, including the formation of bunds, a surface water attenuation pond, and rainwater retention area with site parking facilities, weighbridges, security fencing and associated infrastructure, Land off Uttoxeter Road, Foston for Midland Pig Producers
Application Code: CW9/0311/174
With reference to your representation in respect of the above planning application, I write to inform you that on 17 March 2015 the applicant withdrew their application.

Yours faithfully,

Planning Control