Heston does the right thing!

Heston does the right thing!

Last year Heston Blumenthall changed supplier for his foie gras after an exposé showed the appalling condition of birds there. Viva! and others have campaigned since to persuade the celebrity chef that in fact no foie gras is ever ethical.

It is great to hear that Heston has agreed and is no longer using this cruel product at all. Well done to Viva! for the campaign and to everyone who signed the petition or sent postcards.

More information on foie gras is available on our campaigns section.

You can make a difference by challenging any restaurant that has foie gras on their menu. Many people often don’t know the reality of the cruel method of production which is in fact illegal in this country.

It was ironic that in the same week celebrity chef Aiden Byrne from Manchester House appeared in Channel 4’s Burger Bar to Gourmet Star where he refused to eat a burger from a van on ethical grounds, not knowing its origin, but the first dish he had the trainee make was one with foie gras! There is more work to be done.