Introducing Coconut

Introducing Coconut


Last Saturday we gave a home for life to another rescue dog who has been rescued from a life of breeding on a puppy farm, just like Betty who has been with us a year.

We named her Coconut; she is 5 years old and is also an ex-breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

She returned from her first vet check and this was the report. It is heartbreaking to read but underlines why puppy farms should be banned:

Coconut only has 3 teeth left, probably due to poor diet and lack of oral hygiene.
She is 5.9 kilos, for her frame she should be 9 kilos. She has no muscle on any of her body, and is very weak. It is likely she was kept in a tiny cage which severely restricted her development and ability to move. She has urine stains on her tail and body, her toe nails are stained and deformed due to the environment she was kept in. She is timid due is lack of social interaction and possible physical abuse.
She is under-nourished, neglected and has trouble absorbing food due to  the poor diet she has been on. At this stage she can only eat very light easy to digest food. She would have had trouble feeding her last litter let alone herself.

Coconut’s spirit has not been broken, despite her physical condition. With TLC she will be okay and live a healthy happy life with our other dogs who are already very protective of her.

Factory Farming our Pets

Thousands of dogs in the UK are legally kept in these conditions so we can buy cheap dogs. Please choose compassionate living and don’t fuel this cruel industry.


Thousands of dogs like Coconut waiting for a home for life.