January 2015

January 2015

Settling In

Our rescued pygmy pigs Tall Paul and Mini Mac are settling in well. The thin, shy little boys who arrived just before Christmas certainly have come out of their shells. They are loving life, their bed, the sheep’s bed, their food and their paddock. The only thing that is slightly strange is that they do not root the ground up but seem to be content with nibbling the grass instead. Maybe they are trying to copy Clive and her boys! See their latest video.

Our rescued hens that we picked up in the beginning of December have settled in well and they are now using all their natural instincts; making a nest, having dust baths and scratching to name a few. Pecking order has been established and at long last they all take themselves to bed.

This month, Sammy launched our new Amazon Wish List.  The first item to launch our list is a dustpan… yes a dustpan. This is because Sammy in his usual boisterous way managed to break the dustpan when hanging around in the yard!

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