July News

July News

Helping Hands

We have been very lucky this month and had a number of volunteers helping us with summer jobs. Stables and hen houses have been weatherproofed, Wilma and Wile E’s house has been reinforced to protect against Mr Fox, and many weeds have been pulled.
A very big thank you to you all.

Hello Betty

This month we have welcomed Betty, rescued from a puppy farm by Many Tears Animal Charity. You can find out all about Betty as she has her own special blog which will include news about her new life with us at the sanctuary.

Swallows Fledge

At long last the fledglings have left the nest and started learning to fly. Mum has been trying to encourage them out all month and finally last week they took to their wings. However, they didn’t go very far and spent the first few days in the stables practising. They are now outside and building up their strength ready for their migratory flight in September.

New Paddock at Last

All the hard work has paid off and this week we started using the front paddock for grazing. This small area was once filled with weeds, stone and rubbish. Earlier this year we had a group of  volunteers from the Gloucester Vegan Group  help with the weeding, and over the past few weeks Janette and Dale have worked very hard to clear the remainder of debris from the edges and secure the fencing ready for the first arrivals!

What a result this is, it means more room for the animals, which will really help with the grazing over the winter months.