March 2015

March 2015

 Moving Sheep and Thieves Caught on Camera

Clive and her boys moved to their new paddock this month, what a trip it was!

After what seemed like hours of gentle persuasion using sheep feed we eventually got all five of them into their new field…

After tentatively guiding Horny Pete through the little babbling brook, he decided it would be much more fun to do a combination of high jump and long jump!
Clive tried to walk on water. The sheep  followed us up the path and through the gate into their new field, which they will share with the wild deer, rabbits and badgers and foxes.
I think Tall Paul and Mini Mac will miss them but perhaps not the hens, they can now live without fear of the sheep trying to get into their hen house!

Mischievious March

This month we caught some cheeky thieves on camera. In the pictures above, you can find Gracie stealing the horse’s carrots and hen Florence after extra corn in the feed room!