My name is Betty and this week I started my new life.

I decided to write a blog because I want to share my new life experiences with you. I have just been rescued and my first few days have been so exciting. I have also been told if I talk about my experiences I can help other dogs like me have a second chance of having a new life.

I am 8 year old small Cavalier King Charles and until last week lived my life in a farm – that is a puppy farm. I was farmed and kept in a cage to produce puppies. My life changed dramatically last week when the charity many tears animal rescue came and took me out of the cage, this was because I would no longer be making money for the farm due my age.

Many Tears took me to their kennels where there were many other dogs all different shapes and sizes, who were also looking for a new home. They vet checked my health in preparation for someone to give me a new life. Everything happened so fast and at the weekend my new mum came to the rescue centre and took me in her car to my new home. I was very nervous and on the way to my new life I was worried, I hoped I wasn’t going back to the farm. When I arrived I was met by 4 other dogs who were friendly we all sniffed each other and then wandered around the garden, there were smells I hadn’t experienced before. Lots of different things to look at, the birds, flowers, trees and soft grass under my feet it all felt so nice.

I went in and out of the house following my new mum who was so gentle and made me feel safe. Although I was apprehensive the other dogs and my new mum reassured me and I had tingles of excitement.

Later we had supper, I struggled because my food was in a dish which I wasn’t used to and didn’t eat at first, mum had to help and hand feed me, eventually I finished my meal. It was lovely, mum had made it soft so it didn’t hurt my mouth. The day before I had six teeth taken out because they had rotted, I hadn’t ever seen the dentist before.

There were some baskets in the kitchen and the other dogs sat in them so I climbed in one it was soft and cosy and I spent the evening watching my new mum cook, chat and eat.

Later we went outside in the dark. I didn’t know why so just walked around with the others. I now know is to go to the toilet before bedtime, which I am getting used to.

My new house mates are friendly although they smell differently from me and I don’t think they like it. In the farm I only had one place to eat, sleep and go to the toilet so after all these years I have become quite smelly and my coat and feet are stained yellow in many places. Unfortunately I cannot be bathed for at least another week because of my stitches from being spayed. I also have very bad mastitis – which is extremely painful. I am taking tablets for this so hopefully it will be gone soon. I am so looking forward to a bath and hair cut.

I am now of to bed and can’t wait for tomorrow!