My new home

My new home

This morning I woke up and was surrounded by my housemates, it was lovely. I felt warm and safe in my new home.

With mum’s help I managed to eat my breakfast out of the bowl, its just that I am not used to a bowl, it feels strange when the food goes up the sides and falls over the edge, I am sure I will soon get the hang of it. After breakfast I went off to the vets for a check up. 

My vet was very happy with me and said I was not in a bad state for a puppy farm dog. Unfortunately my back legs are not well and very displaced. Over the years I have just got on and lived with it, but now am told there is an operation I could have that would make them better and the pain would go away, this is such good news. 

My stitches are healing well and my eyes are clear. My ears are a different story – the vet told my mum they were absolutely filthy! The vet gave me some extra strong cleaner to get rid of all the muck which had built up over the years. She also gave me some medication to help with my mastitis which has been very painful, some people may think it is unsightly  but it will soon be gone and my new housemates don’t seem to mind.

When I got back home everyone was pleased to see me, they all came sniffing around to check I was ok. It was a warm day so we sat on a blanket in the garden. It was lovely feeling the sunshine on my back and tummy. I kept getting up and wandering around, just  because I could…. I think this is what they call freedom!

Later on that evening Pippin one of the other dogs let me share her bed with her. Pippin is about the same height and age as me, she is very friendly, I like her a lot.