October 2015

October 2015

Wonderful Windfalls

We had a number of people donating windfalls to our residents, a big thank you to everyone. They thoroughly enjoyed them; all animals benefited. The hens had a lot of fun apple bobbing! Whilst Tall Paul and Mini Mac just ate!

Delicate Donkeys

Our donkeys have had a bout of foot problems; earlier this month Burrito had an abscess in his toe. He was very lame. He had antibiotics and had to wear a foot poultice. Last week Taco and Archie had mild infections in their feet.

Donkeys are not native to this country and so they are highly susceptible to feet problems especially if the ground is damp and muddy. With the winter coming, they will be spending most of their time inside on deep straw beds so there feet stay dry. It is also essential to keep their coats dry because they are not waterproof and if they get get wet they get cold very quickly.

Winter’s Around the Corner

The stables and yard are ready for the ponies and donkeys to come in at night. We have resurfaced the yard, our wonderful volunteers in the summer weather proofed the stables. The barns are full of hay and straw and stable mats have been scrubbed and disinfected.