Pigs and Sheep

Pigs and Sheep


Pigs and Nuts

This time of year there is an abundance of fruit and nuts on the trees and in the hedgerows.

In nature the pigs would be rooting for hazelnuts, acorns and other delights from the forest floors. Tall Paul and Mini Mac also have lots of windfalls of apples and plums from the trees in the orchard.

Billions of pigs each year are raised in factory farms for us to eat. They will never experience eating these foods let alone seeing natural daylight, except on their journey to the slaughterhouse which is when they are a mere 4 months old. Watching TP and MM tuck into their fruit and nuts is such a joy and it would be unimaginable to think of them confined to a factory farm, they have feelings just like the rest of us.

Sheep and Vets

Our vets visited almost weekly and tried many medications to solve the problem, along with skin and blood tests. We think there is something in the environment, perhaps the flora or fauna they have an allergy to, exacerbated by them scratching due to the annoyance of flies and midges.

We had a scare earlier this month: Flopsy’s ear was so badly infected we thought we may lose him. Thankfully, with very close monitoring, medication and treatments, he is now stable.


We are keeping Clive and her boys in from dawn to dusk  to alleviate the fly problem which  is working.
They have had a really tough time and been exceptionally brave for the vets especially with all the jabs and treatments, not to mention lotions and creams.

The vets are hopeful that as soon as the cooler weather of autumn comes they will fully recover.
The bill for vets and treatment for the sheep since March has been over £1000!

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