Rabbit Awareness This Easter

Rabbit Awareness This Easter

With Easter weekend just around the corner we would like to help raise awareness for the many rabbits that fall victim of this holiday.

Thousands of rabbits are given as gifts during the Easter period due to their connection with ‘The Easter Bunny’ and are soon abandoned once children get bored and the novelty wears off. Reports have shown that a staggering 4 out of 5 rabbits bought as gifts at Easter will end up dead or re-homed within the first year!

Many people do not understand the basic needs of these animals and it has been suggested that 75% of pet rabbits do not receive the appropriate care.

They often come from intense breeding facilities where they are kept in unhealthy conditions, bred frequently and without regard to their own welfare. They are then sold at low prices to pet stores or wholesalers at very young ages.

Please help stop the exploitation of animals for profit by not buying into this industry and choose to adopt instead!