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Alan and friends
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Alan & Friends


Sponsor Alan and friends Eric, Edith, Blondie, April and Amy. This little family of lambs were rescued due to being orphaned or their mothers did not have enough milk for them despite this they are doing extremely well and have become the best of friends.

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Little Alan was abandoned at our sanctuary after his rescuer suspected he had been orphaned or his mother did not have enough milk for him. When he arrived he was so small and we were very concerned for his welfare as he seemed quite poorly. The vets confirmed he was severely underweight and needed bottle feeding a special milk formula every two hours as well as steroid injections to help stimulate his appetite.

We desperately wanted to find Alan some friends to bond with so we appealed to local farmers who had other lambs in a similar situation. Shortly after the appeal we were delighted to introduce Eric, Edith, Blondie, April and Amy to the family.

We love watching them frolicking in the field and following each other around. They really have become the best of friends and we can’t wait for them to join our other resident sheep when they’re older.

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