Turkey Rescue

Turkey Rescue

On Sunday we rescued six turkeys. While I was loading  these beautiful creatures, I knew the ones I left  behind would be going off to the slaughter house later that day. I just wanted to take them all but couldn’t.

They will have to be on a strict feeding regime so they don’t put on weight too quickly. Although these girls have been outside and not in an industrial sized unit, they are the minority and still only six months old. Turkeys can live up to 15 years. We will do all we can to give these beautiful birds a free, safe and happy life for however long that may be.

Turkey Farming

Typically turkeys today have been bred to grow so fast and so breast-heavy that their bones and organs cannot keep up. These birds frequently suffer from skeletal deformities and lameness so severe that they try to walk on their wings to reach food and water. With bones too weak to support their body weight, many of these birds cannot even stand, and are trampled. They are forced  to grow too large too quickly, turkeys raised for food develop congestive heart and lung disease along with a number if other health problems.

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