Turkey Talk

Turkey Talk

Recently we were contacted by a very talented artist Phillip McCullock-Downs; an advocate for animal rights who was inspired by the work we do at the sanctuary to create paintings of our resident turkeys. He has cleverly made a video showcasing his art work alongside a short clip of our turkeys; Tiny Tina, Trudy, Tracy, Tulu and Tia which were all rescued from slaughter back in December last year.

Not only does the video display how fantastic his art work is, it also depicts a very powerful message, showing how five turkeys had a very lucky escape and the life they live today is very different to the one they once knew.

However millions of turkeys across the UK aren’t this lucky, instead they experience their whole life in cramped, barren and windowless rearing sheds, unable to express any of their natural behaviors. The lighting is dimmed and their beaks commonly removed in an invasive, painful procedure to prevent aggression and feather pecking. In the UK approximately 90% of turkeys are intensively reared, they have been genetically modified to gain weight fast and are slaughtered at just 12-21 weeks old. The birds are taken to the abattoirs in crates, hung upside down in shackles on a moving chain where they are gassed or dipped in an electric bath to stun them before being killed.

This is the sad life of factory farmed turkeys. We must remind ourselves that these social and intelligent sentient beings feel pain and suffering like us. They deserve their freedom and together we can help encourage a more compassionate life for all humans and animals.

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