Vets, Vets, Vets!

Vets, Vets, Vets!

June sheep web

We’ve seen plenty of the vets recently as our residents have had a number of ailments which needed their  support.

Percy and the boys

This year, our sheep have been subject to an unusual skin condition which has affected only the boys. It started back in April and we have only just got it under control, thanks to the support of our wonderful vets who have made many visits to our boys over the last couple of months.
Percy in particular suffered badly, however throughout treatment he has been very brave. They are not out of the woods yet but we hope with some natural remedies and keeping them out if the sunshine and flies they will be back to normal in no time.

Brambles: Miniature Shetland with thoroughbred strength

        june brambles 2web           June brambles web

Brambles had a nasty wound on her neck due to Thomas getting over playful with her.
For such a quiet and gentle pony in her 20s, it was rather a surprise when it took two vets to hold her to administer antibiotics. Over the last few months Brambles seems to have regained her youth and has more energy than we have seen in a long time.
She is loving life at the sanctuary especially being a surrogate mum to the boys!
Tall Paul

Poor Paul took ill a few weeks ago, it was such a surprise when we found him in bed at tea time and he wouldn’t get up. The next morning he was still unwell and so the vets were called and much to his distaste had had a big injection of antibiotic and pain relief in his big bottom…  we then  waited.
It was very hot and over 24 hours later were concerned he was still no better. Armed with bananas and water we took time and gently after gentle coaxing we persuaded him out of his bedroom!!What a relief it was and the next morning he was back to normal.
june tall apul ill web


Pudding suffers from sweet itch and had a bad attack last week. At the sanctuary we try and practice as many homeopathic  and natural remedies as possible and this includes the treatment of sweet itch. However poor pudds was itching so badly that intervention with a steriod injection was required.
We then moved her from summer turn out  the middle paddock to monitor her more closely and where there are fewer midges