Victory for Caged Hens

Victory for Caged Hens

McDonalds has announced that it will phase out the use of eggs from caged birds in USA and Canada.As McDonalds USA uses over 2 billion eggs per year, that is 4% of all eggs bought in America, this will have a real impact on welfare for hens. It is estimated that this will mean a cage free existence for 7.4 million hens.

The company have committed to bringing in these changes in the next 10 years. McDonalds in UK and Netherlands have already converted to cage free eggs while McDonalds New Zealand and Australia will also be cage free in the next two years.

“I am so proud of what this symbolises and to have worked with McDonald’s alongside many other partners. It just goes to show what we can achieve for animals when we work together.” Leah Garces, Director of Compassion USA

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See our Get The Facts page on  factory farming and eggs to find out more about all kinds of egg production and what happens to unwanted male chicks in all kinds of egg production

Take Action

You can help end the cage age for Europe’s hens by demanding EU ministers outlaw so-called enriched cages. Join Compassion in World Farming and email your Agriculture Minister and urge them to End the Cage Age for Europe’s hens.