Viva! Competition Pig Names Revealed

Viva! Competition Pig Names Revealed

As many of you are aware Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary teamed up with Juliet Gellatley founder of Viva! to rescue a sow and her six piglets from a pig breeder going out of business.

Viva! came up with a great idea to run a competition asking people to suggest names for our new residents. They liked the suggestions so much that they decided to give two names each for the piglets; Mia Snuffles, Lily Bubbles, Poppy Pig for the girls and Tom Rocket, Jack Wigglinson, Lucas Scamp for the boys. And last but not least Hope Apple Blossom for momma!

We think our family of pigs are pretty pleased with their new names and would like to thank you all for getting involved. We are overwhelmed with how much interest and support we have had from this lovely story and would like to say a big thank you for all your kind words and can’t wait to bring you more updates on their journey.

If you feel touched by this story and would like to continue helping us save more animals subjected to factory farming and intense breeding then please donate to show your support, we can’t do it without you!

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