Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary Special Rescue

Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary Special Rescue

We have some very exciting news, please welcome our new arrivals to Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary!

We were delighted to team up with Juliet Gellatley founder of Viva! for the rescue of a 3 year old sow and her 6 three week old piglets who arrived last Sunday. The family of pigs were rescued from a farmer who was ending his pig breeding business and no longer needed his stock.

Here at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary they are safe, settling in well and will have a home and freedom for life. These piglets had a lucky escape, typically at just 6 months old they would be sent off to slaughter. This is the sad case for pigs all over Britain, with 9.8 million being slaughtered each year in the UK alone, many of which fall victim of intense factory farming.

Happy piglet getting comfortable in his new surroundings

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You can also follow the link for the full story and video of the rescue, as well as details on how you can enter Viva!’s competition for naming our new residents, where you will have a fantastic chance to win a hamper full of piggy merchandise!

Hello and thank you from Mum