A Happy New Beginning For Dotty And Her Five Piglets

A Happy New Beginning For Dotty And Her Five Piglets

Dotty has gave birth to five adorable little piglets! She went into labor at 6 pm on Saturday night and delivered her final baby on Sunday morning at 11 am. Despite her last piglet being very small they are all doing extremely well and our vet has been out to check them over.

This will be Dotty’s fourth litter, sadly her previous piglets (31 in total) were taken from her at a very young age and sent to slaughter. Dotty would have faced the same fate too if it hadn’t have been for all of the dedicated supporters and the Viva! team for helping to raise enough money to bring her back to our sanctuary where she can live and grow old with her babies by her side.

Dotty has shown excellent maternal skills already, she is doing a fantastic job and is extremely protective of her piglets.

We would also like to say a very special thank you to Juliet Gellatley the Founder of Viva! for everything you did to help make this happen!

We hope you all enjoy watching this little family of pigs grow up together and we will continue to update you on their journey.