A New Friend

A New Friend

I’d like you to meet my new friend: Mummy has called her Coconut and she is a rescue dog – just like me! In fact we have LOADS in common and I love her already.

Coconut came to live with us just over a week ago. She is  younger than me as she is only 5 years old. We are both Cavalier King Charles spaniels and just like me, Coconut has had a really tough life before coming to her forever home. She was also kept as a breeder so people could have cheap pet puppies. They wouldn’t buy them if they knew how awful it was for us in those places…

The vet said that Coconut has no muscles anywhere on her body and is very weak, probably because she was kept in a really tiny cage. She only weighs less than 6kg and she should really be 9kg. I feel really cross that she wasn’t fed properly. She wouldn’t even have had the strength to feed her last litter of puppies. At the moment she is having to have light food that is easy for her tummy to have.  I was really weak when I arrived a year ago but I’ve been looked after and loved so well, I can run around whenever I like. I hope soon Coconut will be able to join me on big walks and have fun running around too. She’s very shy at the moment, but I know that’s just because she was kept away from people, all on her own. The vet also said she may have been hurt where she was before, so it’s not surprising she is shy. She already knows this is a safe place and is starting to make friends with us.

I’ll let you know how she is settling in soon but until then, if you know of ANYONE who wants a dog for a pet PLEASE make sure they do not get them from a puppy farm. The best thing they can do is get a rescue dog like us; Mummy got us from Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Dogs like us really need a home and we will love you forever.