Alan & Friends

Alan & Friends

Little Alan was brought to the sanctuary after a member of public grew very concerned for his welfare.  When he arrived he was so small and he seemed quite poorly so we called our vets immediately to examine him. We were told he was severely underweight and we believe he had been orphaned by his mother due to not having enough milk to feed him.

We kept a very close eye on Alan and fed him a special milk formula every two hours. At the start he did not take well to the bottle feeds so we called our vet out again who gave him a steroid and vitamin injection to help stimulate his appetite. Thankfully Alan’s appetite picked up but it still didn’t change the fact he did not have his mother around or any friends to play with.

The search to find Alan some friends

With that in mind we desperately searched to find Alan some friends to bond with and appealed to anyone who knew of any other lambs that may have been orphaned or who’s mothers had 3 or more offspring. We got in touch with a local farm who’s assistant told us they had some other lambs who also needed bottle feeding as their mothers didn’t have enough milk for them due to nursing other lambs.

Eric, Edith, Blondie, April and Amy

Eric, Edith, Blondie, April and Amy arrived at the sanctuary around a week after Alan and since then they have all become the best of friends. Not one strays to far from the others side and they have settled in extremely well to their new surroundings. We love watching them frolic around in the field and we can’t wait for them to join the other resident sheep once they are older.