Dean Farm Trust: Dotty

Dotty enjoying the summer air.



Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary is a home for life to over 130 rescued animals living in 62 acres of pasture, woodland and paddocks in South Wales.

Our animals come to us from all different backgrounds and situations which include:

Unwanted pets, neglect and abuse cases, animals rescued from slaughter, other charities, abandoned animals.

Many of our animals at the Sanctuary are extremely vulnerable and need extra care and support, some receive daily medications and treatments, regular vet checks, homeopathic and alternative therapies and special diets. Each animal is treated as a complete individual with their own needs, we ensure not only their physical being is cared for but also their psychological well- being.  Residents only live with other residents they get on with and give each other companionship and stimulation.

Our Sanctuary is run by a small team of staff and volunteers, all are dedicated to the welfare, comfort and safety of our residents ensuring they have quality of life. We work closely with our vets, farriers, consultants and  other practitioners enabling us to make the right decisions at all times for our animals.

Dean Farm Sanctuary relies entirely on donations, help from the local community and volunteers. We receive no government funding and have no  fundraising  or marketing departments. Our ability to rescue animals and offer a secure and safe life for them is dependent on monies we raise.

Our Sanctuary has open days and events throughout the year where public can cone and meet everyone.

If you want to help Dean Farm Trust by being a volunteer then please complete our online application form – most of the work involved will be cleaning the residents housing and poo picking paddocks and fields, however it is dependent upon the needs that day so there may be other duties involved.

Dean Farm Trust: Chicken

One of our chickens enjoying the freedom of our Sanctuary.



We are absolutely thrilled to have been given a prestigious award by Viva! at their 20th anniversary dinner in September 2014. The Animal Action award was given to founders Mary and Janette for their commitment and dedication to animals. We feel very honoured as such a young charity to have received this award.

We say thank you to Juliet and Viva! for the award but also for all the amazing work that has been done worldwide campaigning for factory farmed animals for 20 years.

Dean Farm Trust: Dotty playing in mud!


Our work also includes education. What we buy and how we live has a direct impact on both human and animal welfare. By providing information on the use of animals in factory farming, intensive breeding and cruel sports, we hope to help people make cruelty free choices where ever possible.

We all have the ability to make informed choices which will improve health, prevent cruelty and protect the environment. Together we can make a difference: help us spread the message of compassionate living.

We believe all humans and animals are entitled to live a life free from suffering.



We have over 130 animals now living at our sanctuary, here are just a small handful…



Your valuable donation can make a real difference to the lives of healthy, ill-treated, neglected and unwanted animals. We count on individuals and corporate partners to support Dean Farm Trust – helping us to make a positive difference.

If you shop on Amazon please Choose Dean Farm Trust as your charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to us. Just visit every time you shop on Amazon and help us care for our residents