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This was written in December 2016, but it seemed right to share it now, thinking of all our saved lives at the sanctuary and spring around the corner.

With spring around the corner millions of animals will be born, innocent new lives will come into the world, their fate entirely in our hands completely at our mercy.

I recently visited a friend who had rescued a puppy. I have not been around a puppy for a long time and forgot how innocent and playful they were. She was 8 weeks old, full of life, energetic, wanting to chew and explore everything. I watched her for about an hour, most of the time she was trying to suck my ears or fingers, tug at my toes or lick my face,

This little dog has her whole life ahead of her.

I came away feeling so desperately sad, which was strange because this life had been saved and was such a ball of happiness, innocence and joy. This new life, wanting to explore everything, learning how to play she had many years of life ahead of her.

It made me think of the millions of baby animals; calves, puppies, kittens, lambs, piglets, chicks and wild animals, in fact all animal species where humans will take these babies from their mums for to be eaten, or the babies are the by product and classed as ‘waste’.

My thoughts then switched to the mums of these babies, this little puppy’s mum would be mourning for her, and her sisters may now be in a puppy breeding facility.

The thousands of dogs for sale on the internet, sold by breeders or to attract breeders – stud dogs to replenish their stock, transported around the country to be used for breeding, living their lives in cages or windowless sheds.

Calves taken from their mums a few hours old so we can drink their mothers milk, the babies either shot, exported to a short life of confinement in a veal crate to then be eaten, or raised for beef and killed at around 18 months old.

Billions of broiler hens killed around 40 days for us to eat never having a mum or seeing daylight.

Billions of ducks in factory farms killed at 40 days

Billions of pigs in factory farms killed at 6 months

Millions of egg laying hens killed at 18 months

Pigs like Dotty and Hopes babies taken from their mums at 4 weeks to be killed at 6 months to eat. Little Alan our lamb, Phyllis our hen, Tina our Turkey and Wynne our pig all born to be killed and eaten.

Every one of these living, breathing animals is no more than a slave and has a price on its head, what is the price as a consumer we choose to pay; every animal is completely at our mercy. The saddest part is we can happily survive without using them.

When I came home from my friends house, I was greeted by my five rescue dogs, all are ex breeding from puppy farms. It was more evident how damaged they were after seeing the little puppy.The years of being in a puppy farm has scared them all deeply, 31 lost years between them as breeding machines they were slaves because of consumer demand for their babies.

Whenever I now see this puppy, on one hand it is relief that at least she will have a life and will never experience or know the horrors that she could have been subjected to, and on the other I will always feel sadness when I look at this little dog because of what she represents.

What is the cost of a life, they all have a price tag because we want them.

It is so simple, don’t use animals and instantly the pain and suffering will stop.

Please go choose compassionate living and think before you buy. There doesn’t have to be a price tag, shop with your heart this springtime.

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