Betty’s Bath Day

Betty’s Bath Day

I have been waiting for this day for weeks, and  with my stitches healed I have now been able to have a bath.

Unfortunately my hair is falling out, it is brittle and breaking off, this is due to years of poor nutrition. I am also scratching like mad, my skin is really itchy, so I do hope the bath helps.

I think my body is getting used to the new environment with good food, exercise, space and lots of sleep. My vet gave mum some natural remedy and coat conditioner. This will help replenish the natural oils in my skin, which I haven’t had for years because of poor food and being constantly bred from. This remedy should give my system a boost and my hair will grow back stronger; it will also help my itchy flaky skin. My neck has been particularly itchy and I have made it sore.

I have not had a bath before so I was apprehensive, Mum was very gentle. Before I knew it I was wrapped up in a towel, with my mates once again checking me out. I think Charlie was very pleased when I had been bathed; unfortunately his background was not good, Mum thinks he spent much of his life left in a backyard. When she rescued him he was 18 months old, he was covered in urine burns, fleas and had very little hair. I think this is why he has a bit of  thing around dirt and smells – maybe this is why he was first to check me out after my bath! The other girls are all from puppy farms like me and gave me lots of reassurance.

Mum tried to clip my hair but I was a little afraid of the clippers so we only got a little bit done. I wasn’t used to the noise and it felt funny on my body. I am sure when we have another go we will get a bit more done, it would be nice to get some of this hair off. I had a lovely brush and comb instead, it was a nice sensation on my body and it was great to feel clean.

With all the running around, checking out my new home and surroundings my legs have been really hurting. My vet said that I have no muscles in my back legs, this is because I have had no space or exercise for so many years. My wobbly joints have no muscle to support them so they do get sore but in time when my muscles become stronger  I may be able to have the operation to help them. I do love running.

I think that’s it for today. I am going to have a nap with my mates before tea time. I will dream that my brothers and sisters have been rescued from the farm and have a new life like I have.