Billy and Winnie Update

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Billy and Winnie Update

A few weeks ago we rescued Billy and Winnie, two pigs who were in desperate need of some TLC.

Billy came to us in a terrible condition, he is two years old and can barely walk. His feet are in a chronic state due to neglect and has spent a lot of his life living in a shed filled with faeces and mud with no clean straw for bedding.

The vet has told us due to the pain and the ulcers in his pads it has caused him to walk on his back heels and the damage to his feet may not heal. He has given Billy a course of antibiotics and some medicine to ease the pain.

We are really concerned for his well being and are keeping a close eye on him. To make him as comfortable as possible we have given him deep beds of clean straw and our vet will assess him again in a few weeks to see if there is any improvement. Sadly for now this is all we can do, along with giving him plenty of love and good food.


billy poorly foot

Billy is suffering from chronic foot problems due to neglect from his previous owner

We have also seen the sad reality of Winnie’s poor health last week too after she suffered from a seizure. It happened when she was outside exploring the paddock for the first time and we believe the excitement of it all may have triggered the fit. It was awful to witness but we were quick to help her back inside where she rested and was closely monitored. The Vet came out the next day to check on her and she was much better and back to her perky self.

Unfortunately there is no preventative medication for seizures in pigs and the vet decided that the best cause of action will be to monitor her and hope they become more infrequent. Our sanctuary is stress free and holistic which should help reduce the chances of another one.


winnie siezure new

Winnie resting after suffering a seizure


winnie outside

Winnie is still enjoying her regular trips outside and seems very happy exploring the garden and digging in the mud.

We will continue to keep you updated with their progress and if you would like to make a donation to help with their care and treatment please visit our Just Giving Page here. Thank you