I’m Celebrating

I’m Celebrating

Today, Tuesday 26th July, is my one year since I came to my forever home. I don’t know my exact birthday but Mum says this will be my gotcha day because it is the day she got me.

In my life before I came to live with mum I was a breeding machine in a puppy farm. This is the same as factory farming of farm animals except it is with dogs. I spent all eight years of my life in the farm where I was confined to a cage. I have been told that this is all legal and thousands of dogs like me are used as breeding machines. When we are exhausted and no longer of use to the farmer they get rid of us and a few are lucky like me and get rescued, given the chance of a new life. For the rest their life is over.

Luckily for me, I was rescued by a lovely charity called Many Tears Animal Rescue who rescue and find homes for dogs who desperately need a forever home.

Most people who have met me over the past year think I am a puppy, not an eight year old rescued cavalier. I have a lot of energy and am always excited about meeting people and doing things. It’s just that I want to experience everything and I suppose that is the same as a puppy.

The first picture of me
The first picture of me
Lookingout of a window at home
There's so much to see.
Peeking out of the car window
Cars are such fun!

The world in the last year has been completely new to me,there is so much to see and do. There are smells, wind, rain, grasses to run in, water to play in, other dogs and people to meet; one of the best bits is riding in the car. I absolutely love going in the car and looking out the window.

I adore my house mates; all are rescue cavaliers. I especially like Pippin who looked after me and let me share her bed when I first came to live here. Pippin is 10 years old and sometimes has bad days thinking about all the babies she has lost over the years. She has special toys which are surrogate babies and I make sure they are kept safe from the others when she needs them. I comfort her when she is feeling low, which I am pleased to say isn’t so much these days.

My absolute favourite things which I have done in the last year are:

looking out windows, having muddy walks with my friends, Having a lie in and watching mum.

My friends and I love muddy walks
I just love muddy walks!
Having a little lie in
Just watching my mum.

It is so sad to think of all the other dogs in the farms who will never experience the outside word.

I don’t understand why this is allowed, and why people buy the puppies.

Puppy farming is a completely legal business and its survival is due to consumer demand. To help stop this cruel trade, please  do not buy a puppy  from the internet, newspapers or pet shops: this is where most dealers sell the puppies.

The shelters, rescue centres and numerous charities are full of beautiful dogs and puppies waiting for a forever home.

Please adopt not shop if you want to help end this horrendous industry.

For more information, see our Get the Facts section on puppy farming.


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