Chick Rescue – Golden Girls

Chick Rescue – Golden Girls

Early December, for the first time, we rescued chicks which would have been brought up to be killed for meet at a little over a month old. We wanted to share their story, to let people know what goes in to producing cheap chicken meat that is available in the supermarkets.

It’s a struggle to find words to write due to the absolute shock of how society comes to treat animals this way. The facts are the best way to explain where they came from and what they are:

  • These are 12 day old chicks which are reared for meat.
  • They have been genetically bred to grow as fast as possible in the shortest possible time, from day old chicks they go to slaughter between 36 and 42 days.
  • They would have typically come from a factory farm unit which holds 35,000 other chicks, most farms have more than one unit.
    The majority of other chicks in these farms will no longer be able to weight bare when they reach their slaughter date because their bodies will be to heavy for their legs.
  • Many will die in these sheds from dehydration, starvation, broken legs and heart attacks.
  • They are a food crop produced as cheaply as possible, as fast as possible so people can eat their flesh. This is your everyday chicken that is sold in all supermarkets.

They are currently being kept inside to keep them warm. You can see the last bits of fluffy down on their heads, their legs are already hurting them with the abnormal weight of their bodies. They are only 12 days old. They are on a protein diet with limited carbohydrates in the hope to slow down their growth rate.

I understand that many rescued broiler hens don’t last more than a few months, a year at best. We will give these Golden Girls every chance, and everyday will be a day of freedom, safety and love.

We will give regular updates on their progress.

This short clip was taken a couple of days after they arrived.