Donated by Vegan Events Gloucestershire



Last December we were absolutely delighted when we received a donation of £3673 from the Gloucester Vegan Christmas Market which was organised by the Gloucestershire Vegans. Dean Farm Trust wholly rely on donations to care for our animals and keep the Sanctuary going so to receive this money was so greatly appreciated.

In February we invited Naomi and Katie, two of the organisers to come to the sanctuary and see what their money had been spent on.

They were amazed to see a newly fenced area and housing for our piggies. This area is the new home to 17 of our residents; Hope and her family, Dotty and her family, Wynne, Marcus, Terrance and George. Their money paid for this new area!

To mark this occasion we made a plaque to go on the fence, this is the first plaque we have put in sanctuary which will now be a permanent fixture.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and donated at this event and to the organisers that made it happen, we are extremely grateful.