On Tuesday 5th March thieves broke into our sanctuary, stole all our power tools and vandalised our office, luckily our residents and staff were all ok. Another local farm was also targeted.

If you see anyone selling power tools locally, please let us know. Everything that was taken was personal property or had been donated to the Charity. It’s really upsetting to think anyone would break in and cause criminal damage anywhere, but even more so when they have targeted an animal sanctuary.

We’re ensuring our security will be stronger than ever and are working with the police to try and catch those responsible. Despite this, our day to day work continues and we’ve been as busy as ever, receiving lots of calls from people wanting us to take their animals. Our hard work will continue, ensuring our residents continue to live their lives happy and free from harm. Many people have offered to help and asked us to set up a page to donate to.

If you would like to help towards the cost of our new alarm security system please click the link below. Our quote is £2394.00

Please help if you can.

Please make a pledge towards our Security System Appeal.

You can make a single donation via our Just Giving page.