Hope Apple Blossom & Piglets Update

Hope Apple Blossom & Piglets Update

We would like to give you a quick update on our lovely mum and her six piglets who were rescued after a farmer went out of business.

The whole family are doing really well. The piglets have tripled in size and are slowly being weaned off mums milk, exploring new foods and are particularly enjoying banana, apple and carrot treats!

Even mum is slowly settling in to her new surroundings. She has been very cautious of us since she arrived and has every right to be considering the trauma she has suffered after her previous litters of piglets were taken from her. Sows develop very strong bonds with their offspring and she is obviously very nervous they will be taken away again. Only in time will she realize that her family will be sticking together and for many more years to come.

These pigs will never have to suffer again! Here at the sanctuary they have the freedom to play, socialize, dig, root, run and act exactly how a pig should and we can safely say they are loving life.

Thanks Viva for stopping by and shooting this adorable video

Thank you Michelle Mathers for this amazing drawing of mum and babies, we love it!

We hope you enjoy reading about mum and piglets and we will be sure to keep you updated with their journey!