Keep The Ban – Anti Hunt Campaign March

Keep The Ban – Anti Hunt Campaign March

We will be marching the streets of London on Monday 29th May alongside thousands of others to show our support for the Anti-Hunt Campaign.

This campaign is to demonstrate against Theresa May’s recent announcement to repeal the fox hunting ban. The prime minister and leader of the Conservative party has pledged to hold a free vote in the hope to legalize this brutal and barbaric blood sport, despite 84% of the British people being in favor of the ban.

Fox Hunting Ban

The fox hunting ban was introduced by Labour in 2004 making it illegal to use dogs to hunt foxes and other wild mammals in England and Wales.

Before this ban it was estimated that up to 25,000 foxes were killed each year either from being dug out by dogs and torn apart or trapped in snares and shot at.

Not only does this cruel and poor excuse of a hobby cause stress, pain and unnecessary suffering to innocent foxes but it can also have a detrimental impact on other wildlife and result in injury or even death for the hounds. Reports have shown that over 3,000 hounds are either euthanized, shot or even clubbed to death if deemed unsuitable or no longer productive.

Even live fox cubs have been used to train the hounds to hunt and kill and have been taken from their nest or reared specifically for this purpose.

We are so saddened to think that a minority of people still want to pursue something so outdated and unethical and although most of you disagree with it you must remember to vote.

Show Your Support

If you are looking for ways to support please join us for the march on Bank Holiday Monday, event details can be found here.  You can also click this link to sign the petition, telling the Prime minister to keep the ban.